Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Post

Seeing as how it is 2010, this is by no means an attempt to get ahead of the curve by creating a blog. I honestly do not even intend for this to be a public forum. I see this blog as a tool for motivation.
The name for this blog came to me last night (5/17/2010) as I was thinking of the third volume of Scott Pilgrim, "Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness." While the term "Infinite Restoration" has apparently shown up in Bible discussions, this blog does not concern theology. I hope to use this as a place to keep my writing skills sharp, as I am currently in a situation where they could easily get rusty. I want to use it to set goals for myself and constantly improve and further myself. In a tangential way, that led me to the title, "Infinite Restoration." Perhaps Perpetual Restoration would have been better to hint at that constant state of self-improvement, but using the word Infinite just makes it sound cooler.

Most likely, I will use this blog to better flesh out any thoughts I currently have on comics or politics. I have plenty of opportunities to discuss politics in depth with friends, so this will probably be for more random tangents or incredibly obscure topics that I would otherwise not be able to discuss. I imagine when the next issue (#7) of Daytripper comes out, I will be able to expound on precisely why I feel it to be such an excellent series. (Of course, to do that, I probably need to read the magical realist works of authors like Garcia Marquez, as I will likely use the term "magical realism" when discussing the tone and Latin American adventures of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.)

I don't know the degree to which I should include biographical data. I will stick with saying I am an '09 college graduate currently looking to start a career. As I don't intend to promote this blog, there should be little danger in including that information. But I'll wait to see how things turn out.

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